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- I'm no miracle man. -

Affiliated Tiz Arrior.

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♥.¸¸¸ “Indeed not. I’ve yet to sleep.”

Though he would soon have
to if he wanted to be up early
enough to fix his hair before
they departed. It was a fool’s
errand to attempt to wrest the
washroom from Edea and
Anges once they had woken
and claimed it for their own.
The lids of his eyes were
also weighing on him. Slowly
drooping despite conversation.
He drew his hand back to 
himself once Tiz had no need
of it. Content to settle down
for a well deserved rest.

▶▶▶▌ " I’m still sorry Ringabel, my noise did not help either in your attempts.." Upon feeling the cup on the ground, he picked it up to place on the counter, returning, even more carefully, to the bed.

   He did not need to worry at the least of wresting the girls, or Ringabel, with the washroom, since his hair did not need that much maintenance nor did he need to tidy up all that much either. A simple wash of his face would do the trick, as it’d always had done when he lived in Norende.

Sleep though was sounding heavenly, now that he’d lost the drink A little shut eye would be nice now, since they did need to awaken early. ” We have an early day tomorrow. ” Dully reminding, taking a seat on the edge of the cushions, while attempting to peel away the boots off his feet. 



♥.¸¸¸ “That was a close one…Tiz, are you unharmed?”

He cared not where the cup had
fallen. Its distant clatter too
meager a priority. His concern
and his arm extended for his
friend alone. Eager to help Tiz
back onto his feet. Blankets
pooled around narrow hips,
his body straining as it 
maintained a sideways lean.

▶▶▶▌      In which he graciously took the hand offered to his fallen aid, pulling himself up from the floor.  ” To say the least, my knee’s are the only thing that felt that fall. ” The dull ache was just a friendly reminder of him to watch where he walked as to not also carry things that could potentially also be dropped along with.    To which he should search for the cup as to prevent another from stumbling over it. 

    ” I did not awaken you did I? ” A mind concern of slight regrets if he had awaken his friend and ally from slumber from his own little mishap.



♥.¸¸¸ “The lights are always dimmed at the stroke of eight. What a scrupulous Inn Keeper.”

▶▶▶▌  Dimmed lights made certain area’s hard for the eyes to see though the dark halls, thus it made him wonder at a point were it safe to wander with a cup of hot tea. At the very least he had made it safely back to the room, entering carefully and slowly, least until he tripped upon something on the floor which sent him fumbling foward and the cup in hand off into the air. 

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▶▶▶▌ " I do not snag sheeps!

❝ Nobody looks good in their darkest hour. But it’s those hours that make us what we are. We stand strong, or we cower. We emerge victorious, tempered by our trails, or fracture by a permanent, damning fault line. ❞

—Karen Marie Moning (via observando)

Song: Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry

Artist: Sage Yulyana's Voice Mail



These guys were harder to do, but I bet they’re easier to do than the next set of voicemails.

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▶▶▶▌ " I wouldn’t mind if you made it, but would you care for some aid in the making?